Learn Some Secret Health Tips...

...the same down-to-earth Health Tips I have been sharing with my patients and their families for years.

Welcome!  I am Dr. Matt Hipke.  I've practiced Internal Medicine and Adolescent Medicine in beautiful East Texas for more than 25 years.  As my practice slows toward retirement, I don't want all those helpful hints that make life better to retire, too.

So, I want to pass along some secrets...and some stories...and some personal discoveries to you.  I'll keep them simple and try to keep some of them funny.

Use them to improve your own health / wellness and improve your family relationships.  Maybe you will read a pointer that sparks an idea inside of you...that will improve our world.  Ready? Let's go!

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What is the Most Important Health Tip of All?
Know your Super Power

I have come to believe good health is not your goal.  You have to have a reason to be healthy...

Have you discovered your Super Power?.

  • It's your big reason for living a great life. 
  • It's your fire inside to get out of bed in the morning...even on a bad day.
  • It is a personal gift(s) you were born with or nurtured in yourself for the good of our world.
  • Yes, we are all gifted!

Because you know your Super Power, you want to take really good care of your body, mind, heart and soul.

You take good care of yourself so you can enjoy your Super Power journey.  That is the goal!

As a doctor, I see myself encouraging others to take really good care of themselves.  I am part doctor, part wellness life coach, part advocate, and advisor...encouraging you to live your super power and then you will do what it takes to be healthy!

Super Powers fire you up!

What is the SECOND most Important Health Tip ever?
Be willing to change

Hear something to make your health improve? Grow into it!

It is NOT 'eat smart and exercise.'

Be willing to change.  That means grow, tweak life a bit, get out of the rut and go take care of yourself and your family.

I hear (and have said to myself countless times):

  • 'I was just born this way'
  • I can't
  • I'll change tomorrow
  • My mama was just like me...
  • I've always been like this

The healthiest people grab the opportunity to improve their lives and their situations.  They do it because they know they are important and deserve to treat themselves well.  Then..they can live their Super Power and improve the world, too!

When you learn something that makes you healthier, grab it and use it.


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