Your Nutrition and Physical Fitness Guide:
The Foundation

The foundation of your nutrition and physical fitness plan needs to be simple...and easy-to-follow...every day.  That precludes a "one-size-fits-all healthy eating and exercise guide".  You know your life better than anyone.  Do what works well for you.  My advice?  The only wrong plan is no plan.

What? You don't have a plan?  I chose two of my favorite sample books and DVD's below as examples for you.  You can adopt these or create your own.

Helpful Hint for You!

I have decided to separate food the way I separate the people I know:
True Friends / Acquaintances / True Enemies

Now I make my food choices by:
Real Food / Edible Material / True Poison

How many dieting books have you read?

Yes, like many, I have struggled with weight for years.  Here's a picture of some of the books I have read on nutrition.  The  information is overwhelming!

With so many 'ways to do it', I would end up doing nothing at all.  (Time for a new book!)

Yet, in the back of my mind, I have always sensed no one had it exactly 'right'.  Even as a doctor, there has always been a nagging empty spot.  Something was missing...


Enter Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution

I noticed a doctor friend on Facebook commenting about his new diet from Dr. Steven Gundry.  Of course I thought it was another 'me too' diet.  He would mention the word 'lectin' in his posts...I didn't know much about them.

Helpful Definition for You

Lectins are specific glycoproteins found in plants and animals that bind to our cell membranes.  That binding triggers the cell to perform certain functions.

Gluten is a lectin!

Dr. Stephen Gundry supplies the missing information you need to create true wellness! Learn about lectins and how they can create inflammation inside your body.

Well, I was intrigued and bought his book, Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution.  He published it in 2008 and it contains the missing information!  Dr. Gundry is a renowned heart surgeon who has spent years researching lectins and their effect on the human body.

He lays out a very convincing case the lectins in our common foods are slowly killing all of us.  On the other side...learning how to minimize them will not only provide a slow weight loss but reverse body inflammation, stop the flares of several diseases, and serve as our personal anti-aging program!


  • The best explanation I have ever seen about the importance of eating well.
  • Well researched
  • No calorie-counting! No carb-counting!
  • Minimizes supplements
  • Fights disease and is 'anti-aging'
  • Real Food
  • Finally, a real reason to make permanent life changes


  • Sometimes technical to read
  • Not a good summary page with supplement sources
  • Uses the word 'evolution' (See below)
  • Could be expensive for some.

Don't get hung up with the word 'evolution'.  I am a scientist at heart, yet I am also a Christian at heart.  Dr. Gundry's discussion of evolution has nothing to do with 'apes to men'.  He eloquently covers the inability of our human bodies to adapt to the rapid change in the kinds of foods and 'nonfoods' we eat in our culture.

Do you need a great nutrition plan that is also anti-inflammatory and anti-aging?  Get Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution  today.  You've just conquered the first half of your Nutrition and Fitness Plan!

Dr. Gundry finally gives you the missing information about lectins and gluten to allow you to eat clean forever!

  Dr. Gundry has a new book, The Plant Paradox published in 2017.  While he repeats some, he really further develops the fact lectins are not our friend.

Because he builds on his concepts from Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution, I would recommend reading them in order.

(You Cannot Out-Exercise a Poor Diet)

Did you have your one 12 ounce can of Coca-Cola today?  You will need about 26 minutes of active aerobics to burn those calories.  Dr. Gundry emphasizes this: Your health starts with what you don't eat.  Then is supplemented by what you do eat.

Dr. Gundry makes it easy to turn gluten-free into lectin-free with his new cookbook!

News Alert!  Click here to check out the brand new Dr. Steven Gundry Plant Paradox Cookbook!  There are 100 new recipes to keep your diet lectin-free. This cookbook turns his book into every-day living without having to 'figure it out' all by yourself. 

Save your Feet...and Exercise in Comfort

I created a rubber-tiled workout room at home so I could do T25 and Insanity in comfort!  You can do the same thing!  Read more about creating your own home workout gym.

Your Nutrition and Physical Fitness Foundation Part 2:
Consider Choosing Beachbody's T25 for your Physical Fitness

Let Beachbody and Shaun T get you in great shape with T25.

Again, no one exercise is better than another.  Consider your life and lifestyle then mix and match what fits well for you.  If you're busy, want to work out at home and want to get into really good shape, consider Beachbody's T25 Program.

Good news!  There is a modified version on every DVD....start at any fitness level!

Here's a great introduction video:

Beachbody's Insanity workout program will get you in great shape.  Burn up to 820 calories in an hour.  You will know you have worked out!

Do you want something even more challenging?  Step up to Beachbody's Insanity DVD's.  Check with your doctor is real.  Even the people on the DVD's can't do it 100%!

Lots more Nutrition and Physical Fitness Tips Coming Your Way!

Eating smart and exercising smart are the building blocks of your health and wellness.  Everything else is added for convenience or fun.  Enjoy your day.

Helpful Hint for Your Journey

If you don't make your nutrition and physical fitness fun and exciting, you won't stay with it!

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