Parenting Resources:
Helpful Books, Videos & Websites

There are too many "parenting resources" out there.  How about a personally reviewed short list just for parents of teens and tweens?  Let's start here:

My Favorite Books for Parents

Best Overall Parenting Book
     Parenting Teenagers --- Don Dinkmeyer et al

Learning How to Talk with Teenagers Book
     How to Say it to Teens --- Richard Heyman

Handling an Antry Teenager  (Out of print so will need to order a used copy from somewhere like
     The Angry Teenager --- William Lee Carter

Divorce Book
     What to Tell the Kids about Your Divorce --- Darlene Weyburne

Help Your Whole Family Book
     Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families --- Stephen Covey

Favorite Websites

Best overall health website to look up medical information

Parenting Resources:  Using Videos to Maintain Your Sanity

When the wheels are falling off, keep your sense of humor, then go deal with your teens and tweens!  Here's a video to help you:

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