Resources for Teens & Tweens:
Helpful Books, Videos & Websites

All of us need back up:  Resources for Teens will grow as i discover topics that teens and tweens find useful!

My Favorite Books for Teens & Tweens

Best Overall LIfe Skills Book
     Life Strategies for Teens --- Jay McGraw

Peer Pressure Book
     How to Say No and Keep your Friends --- Sharon Scott

Sex Education Book
     Choices that Lead to Lifelong Success --- Marily Morris

Favorite Websites

Best General Health Website to Look up Health Topics

Favorite Men's Nutrition and Athlete Workout Website

Favorite Women's Nutrition and Athlete Workout Website

Resources for Teens & Tweens:  Using Videos to Maintain Your Sanity

Check out TED Talks:  Serious / Funny / Emotional / Uplifting talks to stir your curiosity to make a difference in your life and in the world...they are awesome!

Check out this 4 minute Rodney Yee (courtesy Gaiam) showing you how to stretch at your desk yoga video.  (Everything Rodney Yee does is excellent)  Try it!

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